Back for the First Time

Hello again, everybody.  If the title of this little blog in this corner of the interwebs looks familiar, that’s perhaps due to the fact that maybe (probably not) you read our former blog with a similar name, or more probably because you’re familiar with Georgia Tech athletics and you know that the late Kim King was dubbed “The Young Lefthander” by legendary broadcaster Al Ciraldo.  We’re huge Tech fans, and always thought that King’s nickname was terribly cool.  Anyway, on with the sports and whatnot.

This Memorial Day weekend appears, from a distance, to be chock full of all sorts of fixes for every sports junkie.  Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, this is sadly not the case.  Oh, sure, there’s interleague baseball (this needs to be added to Crash Davis’ Constitutional Amendment that outlaws Astroturf and the designated hitter), college baseball conference tournaments (seriously how is it possible that Duke might play in the ACC championship?), the Indy 500 (we’re not interested unless Danica Patrick either wins, or decides to drive sans clothing, or both, and let’s face it, neither is happening), the Coca-Cola 600 (we love NASCAR but this race takes for-e-ver), NHL playoffs (which would be much more intriguing if, you know, you didn’t have to forrage through the upper end of your 600+ channels to find them on tv), and the NBA playoffs.  The NBA playoffs are the only legit must watch event on that entire list.

Last night, we were all WITNESSES to an incredible end to a great game, thanks to LeBron James and his last second shot that was so great, it overshadowed the fact that the Orlando Magic were 1 second from going back to the House The Mouse Built with a commanding 2 game lead.  Also, it should be noted, that we’re going to start referring to the Magic by their new nickname, the Sexytime Magic.  We feel that some sort of explanation is due.  Back in the 80’s the Lakers weren’t just the Lakers.  They were the Showtime Lakers.  Today, the Sexytime Magic appear to casual fans to be led by Dwight Howard, and his awesome shot clock breaking abilities.  However, if you look just a bit closer, the success of Sexytime has a lot more to do with the play of Hedo Turkoglu.  Since he’s from Turkey, we assume (or think it’s funny to imagine) that he sounds kind of like Borat.  We could totally see him asking some unsuspecting female at Disney World about making sexytime.  Therefore, they are now the Sexytime Magic.  This is not up for debate.

We’ll be checking back in later in the weekend with our thoughts and armchair analysis on everything we just trashed above, and maybe a live blog or two.  You never know.  Until then, so long everybody.



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